miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009

Regards from Fr Tom

Father Tom Gunning, Parish Priest of St John the Evangelist Catholic Church, sends his regards to you. Luego de un intenso día de trabajo, a eso de las 10 PM (aquí es como si fuera medianoche), nos juntamos en la cocina, el lugar que más frecuento de la casa parroquial. Abrimos unos vinos y unos quesos que nos renovó la energía y la alegría. Luego grabamos el mensaje. Fíjense que en la mesa de la cocina siempre hay fruta, tortas y demás para picotear. Fr Tom está bastante triste por lo ocurrido en Laquila, Italia, porque allí vivió algunos años y tiene muchos amigos. Uno de ellos murió en el terremoto. También es casualidad, perdón, "providencia", que Fr Tom fue al St Brendan's College de Bristol. ¿Lo pueden creer? Por favor envíen sus comentarios así los ve. Si pueden, en inglés o en italiano.

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  1. Dear Fr Tom, it's great to meet you through Augusto's blog. My name is Pablo and I'm a close friend of his, together with my wife and children. We have also shared pastoral activities in Buenos Aires and other experiences (and dreams) related to social matters, leadership and development.
    Augusto has become part of our family, so we're only too happy to know that he's been so warmly welcome by you and your community. I'm sure you'll enjoy his cheerful company and his skillful work in his duties as a priest. His stay in Bath will surely be an experience of communion and cultural enlightment for all of you, and also for us -in some way- who will be closely following ins and outs of it.
    I also share with you the sorrow for the aftermath of the earthquake in Italy. My father was born in the province of Ascoli Piceno, placed just northward from Abbruzo. I´ve been in close contact with my aunts and cousins living nearby (Macerata, Ancona and surroungings) and even though nothing happened to them, they`re all very shocked. As for the people in L'Aquila, I expect a timely and efficient response from the Italian authorities with regard to the material problems, and an empatic reaction of the people there to support those who have lost friends, parents, sons or daughters... May Jesus' peace slowly seep through their pain and renew their hearts.

    I wish you all an inspiring Easter time
    Best reagard

  2. Sorry, I skipped writting my full name, which is: Pablo Guglielmi.
    Hey, by the way, tomorrow my wife Romina and I celebrate our tenth marriage anniversary. Celebrate with us.

  3. Father Tom, Father Augusto... Greetings from Argentina!!!
    I was going to write you a mail, but maybe this is a better way of being in touch with each other...
    Augusto, I'm trying to improve my english, 'cause tomorrow I'm celebrating with the U.S. comunity in Santa Rafaela. Elizabeth Christie, my new neighbour -I think you know her-, is translating my sermon from spanish to english, so I won't make any mistakes (at least, not while I preach).
    I send you a big hug, my friend!
    Happy Easter for everyone there at Bath,
    Guido Borella.

  4. Dear Father Tom, it's a pleasure to meet you. I hope you cherish Augusto's time in the parish as much as we miss his presence here in San Isidro. I am sure it will be a fruitful experience both for him and for you. All the best! Father Eduardo Mangiarotti